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Human Travel Systems We would like to take you on a marvelous trip through the skeletal system. In this trip you will view such sites as the working joints and bones and also the composition of the bone. We can t give away the whole trip quite yet so sit back and enjoy the ride. First we enter the body by being miniaturiz.
Our skeletal system is one of the most important parts of our bodies There are 206 bones in the adult body, while there are a little over 300 in a baby. There are also different parts of o... 421 words. 1 page. A Study of the Human Anatomy: Skeletal System. The femur is a long bone located in the thigh. At its upper end there is
[tags: calcium metabolism, anatomy, respiratory system], 1974 words (5.6 pages), Powerful Essays, [preview] · Functions of the Skeletal System and the Coccyx - Functions of the Skeletal System and the Coccyx The system of the body that consists of bones, connective tissues, and cartilage is known as the skeletal system.
a compound ventral bone or cartilage of most vertebrates other than fishes that connects the ribs or the shoulder girdle or both and in humans consists of the manubrium, gladiolus, and xiphoid process —called also breastbone. Scapula. either of a pair of large triangular bones lying one in each dorsal lateral part of the
thin, flattened and usually curved; ex: skull and ribs. Name the functions of the skeletal system. -support the body -protect soft organs -allow movement -store minerals and fats (ex: calcium, phosphorous and marrow) -body cell formation. What is the anatomical name for the shaft of the long bone? Its ends? shaft: diaphysis
Vertebral column has different sections, the cervical vertebrae with seven vertebrae, the thoracic vertebrae with twelve vertebrae, the lumbar vertebrae with five vertebrae and the sacrum and coccyx with five and four fused vertebrae. Bone Components of Thoracic Cage. Sternum, costal cartilage, ribs, and thoracic vertebrae.
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Read this full essay on The Skeletal System. The skeletal system is made up mostly of bone it also consists of tendons, ligaments and cartilage, which are ar...
1003 words - 4 pages Anatomy of Muscle Cells There are three types of muscle tissue in the human body. These muscle tissues are skeletal muscles, smooth muscles and cardiac muscles. Each of these muscle tissues has it very own anatomical makeup, which vary from muscle to muscle. The muscle cells in a muscle are
Read this full essay on The Skeletal System. Chapter 7 I.Bone Structure A. Bone Classification 1. 4 Classes – Long, Short, flat and irregular 2. ...

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